White Chunk Chicken Salad Plate $10.95
Roasted chicken breast blended with celery, mandarin oranges, our dressing and topped with roasted pecans—served with fresh fruit and today’s muffin or tea bread

Tuna Albacore Salad Plate $9.95
The finest white albacore tuna blended with celery and dressing—served with fresh fruit and crackers

Spinach Cashew Salad $10.95
Baby spinach and spring greens topped with bacon, eggs, cashews and raspberry vinaigrette. Accompanied by a petite croissant

A Light Lunch $7.95
A cup of our homemade soup and side salad of mixed greens

Soup Selections:
Creamy Broccoli or Soup du Jour
Bowl of Soup $4.95
Cup of Soup $3.95


All sandwiches are served with your choice of potato chips or a side salad of mixed greens.

Chicken Salad Croissant $10.95
The perfect combination—our white chunk chicken salad on a buttery croissant

Steve’s Club $9.95
Layers of smoked turkey, ham, Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a croissant—served warm or cold

Jen’s Favorite $9.95
Smoked turkey and bacon topped with pesto cream cheese, lettuce and tomato—served on whole wheat bread

Tuna Salad Classic $9.95
Our albacore tuna salad served on whole wheat toast

The Holbrook House Lunch $10.95
A bowl of our homemade soup with a half portion of any salad or sandwich


  Children’s Beverage $1.00
Lemonade, iced tea or a soft drink served in a cup with a lid

Half Sandwich $5.95
A half portion of any of our sandwiches, applesauce and potato chips

Grilled Cheese $4.95
A grilled cheese sandwich, cut out in a fun shape, served with applesauce and potato chips
  Ice Cream Sundae $1.95
Scoop of vanilla ice cream with your choice of hot fudge or caramel

Fudge Brownie $2.50
Homemade brownie, served warm, drizzled with fudge frosting
With ice cream $3.50

Just Ice Cream $1.25
Scoop of premium vanilla ice cream
  Freshly Brewed Iced Tea $1.95

Lemonade $1.95

Soft Drinks $1.95
Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or Sprite

Bottled Water $1.50

  Hot Tea $1.95
Ask your server for our tea list

Pot of Tea for Two
Share a pot of your favorite tea with a friend

Coffee $1.50
  Gourmet Cheesecake $4.95
Topped with your choice of caramel praline sauce, red raspberry puree or fresh strawberries (depending upon seasonal availability)

Southern Pecan Pie
Served warm with vanilla
ice cream $6.25
  Holbrook House Sampler $7.95
Enjoy smaller portions of each of the above desserts and one of this month’s special tea desserts. Perfect for sharing!

Brownie Sundae $4.95
Warm brownie topped with ice cream and praline-pecan caramel sauce