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Sentinel coin/token operated revenue producing lockers gives you the features
you need as standard items, not as expensive add on options. All cylinders
are master keyed. The Change-O-Matic cash box locking mechanism allows
“code” changes without lock replacement offering eight different codes
without changing the cash box cylinder.

Doors, frames, shelves  tops and bottoms are 16 gauge and sides are 24 gauge
and back of 20 gauge. The pry resistant locks are located behind the door, out of
sight from pry-out vandals. The lock system maintains a .20 differential between
cuts on keys. This depth eliminates the potential of interchanging worn keys and
makes the locks more pick resistant. Locks can be set to accommodate up to four
quarters as well as using the new Golden U.S. Dollar. The all stainless steel lock
with other corrosion resistant materials can be set for tokens as well as many
international coins. Lockers are available with 1 through 6 doors.





Manufactured with pride by Union Labor in Tiffin, Ohio, USA.