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The need for new technology in Law Enforcement evidence handling has never been
greater. Sentinel has accepted this challenge by designing and adding a new line of
refrigeration products to our already extensive evidence locker line.

Sentinel Lockers acquires only blood bank type refigerators and adapts them for
evidence handling at our factory. Sentinel Refrigerated Lockers are stainless steel inside and
out and include forced air circulation. All models meet UL standards for safety and performance.There are options for 4 through 18 door inserts depending on outside size.

One of the most important design features in the Sentinel Refrigerated Locker is the
electric condensate removal. This system discourages moisture from being absorbed
by corrugated storage containers used today for packaging and reduces the possibility
of compromising the evidence.

Our units are available in various sizes and configurations.

Manufactured with pride by Union Labor in Tiffin, Ohio, USA.